Pastor Ron delivered an impactful sermon centered on the theme of speaking in a helpful and positive manner. He emphasized the profound influence that our words can have on others and drew attention to the teachings of Jesus, highlighting concepts of kindness, love, and compassion. Pastor Ron underlined the significance of truthfulness, respectful communication, and managing one’s anger. He stressed the importance of addressing anger promptly and seeking reconciliation in damaged relationships. Additionally, Pastor Ron highlighted the value of using positive language, displaying generosity, and caring for fellow individuals.

During the service, prayer requests were shared, encompassing concerns for those facing health challenges and seeking guidance for an upcoming leadership retreat.

The congregation joined in expressing gratitude and offered prayers for Casey’s business situation and a wife navigating the sale of her house to avoid homelessness. As the sermon concluded, Pastor Ron encouraged everyone to actively live out their faith and to warmly greet one another before departing.

“Let’s speak differently, using words that build up rather than tear down. Let’s live differently, not just for ourselves, but for those around us, living in a manner that we have something to share, to build into each other.”

Pastor Ron

Topics Discussed:

General (00:00:16 – 00:03:16)

Lord, Reading, Joy, Salvation (00:03:26 – 00:15:14)

Harmful things, Hurt, Words, Feelings (00:15:14 – 00:20:31)
Pastor Ron opened the session by reading a scripture that centered on the significance of speaking in a helpful and positive manner. Delving into the subject, he elaborated on the reasons behind avoiding hurtful language and the potential harm it can cause to others. Drawing from various instances, Pastor Ron illustrated examples of damaging words and the individuals they might be directed towards. A focal point of his discussion was on aligning our speech and actions with Jesus’ teachings, which underscore kindness, love, and compassion. With care, he conveyed the idea that even if apologies are extended and forgiveness is granted, the impact of our words remains long-lasting. Pastor Ron concluded with a powerful emphasis on the transformative potential of using our words as instruments of positivity and encouragement. The gathering drew to a close with a heartfelt prayer led by him.

Course, good morning, greet (00:20:31 – 00:21:12)

Truth, Anger, Speaking, Relationships (00:21:14 – 00:37:04)

Pastor Ron engaged the audience in a thoughtful exploration of the value of speaking truth, refraining from falsehoods, and approaching others with both respect and kindness. He highlighted the imperative of mastering anger and refraining from the desire for retaliation. By demonstrating skill in managing anger and refraining from its consumption, Pastor Ron contended that we effectively shield our relationships and reputation from the negative influences of the adversary. He firmly conveyed the necessity of addressing anger promptly rather than allowing it to fester overnight. In doing so, he provided invaluable insights into maintaining both inner harmony and harmonious interactions with others.

Forgiveness, Relationships, Grace, Hope (00:37:04 – 01:04:53)

Pastor Ron’s discourse centered on the crucial nature of tending to present responsibilities while also mending relationships in need of repair. He placed special emphasis on the uplifting power of positive words, which hold the ability to edify and inspire others. Pastor Ron highlighted the significance of cultivating a culture of generosity and communal sharing, urging the audience to translate these values into tangible actions. Through this, he encouraged a life that resonates with the divine purpose, fostering actions that honor and please God. The assembly shared in prayer requests, extending compassion towards those grappling with health issues, and expressing gratitude for the support provided to Sarah. Prayers were invoked for the success of a leadership retreat and safe travels, accompanied by a heartfelt mention of Casey’s farewell as they conclude their business venture. Amidst expressions of gratitude for the community’s dedication and assistance, prayers were sought for a wife’s challenging endeavor to sell a house and avoid homelessness for her children. The paramount importance of mutual care and the dissemination of hope reverberated through Pastor Ron’s words, as he invoked prayers for the closure of a store and for individuals navigating health difficulties. As the congregation united in prayer for cooler weather and the well-being of the church leadership, they were rallied to embrace their faith with enthusiasm and engagement. The gathering concluded with a harmonious song, followed by a gentle reminder to extend warm greetings to one another as they departed.

Last modified: 08/28/2023